Rules of the house

1. Article 1: House Rules

  1. Upon entering the Graveland Festival or Graveland camping area, visitors also accept our house rules and are obliged to follow all regulations and instructions given by the Graveland Festival staff.

Article 2: Access

  1. Access to the Graveland Festival is reserved for individuals with a valid entry ticket and upon presentation of identification. Failure to present valid identification or an entry ticket will result in denied access.
  2. Upon entry to the premises, visitors will undergo inspection. If a visitor does not cooperate, access to the premises will be denied.
  3. After gaining access, it is not possible to leave and re-enter the premises.
  4. Individuals up to 14 years old may only enter the Graveland Festival under the supervision of an adult (at least 18 years old).
  5. Visitors are not allowed to bring the following items to the festival grounds:

• Cars, campers, caravans, (trailer) wagons, or other means of transportation
• (House) pets
• Gas stoves and/or barbecues
• Food & beverages
• Hazardous and/or sharp objects, (fire)arms, including (defensive) weapons.
• Cans and glassware
• Lighting and sound installations
• Toxic, flammable, or explosive materials, fireworks
• Generators
• Professional photo, video, and audio recording equipment, and so-called selfie sticks
• Drugs
• Umbrellas (will be stored)

If festival visitors are under the influence or in possession of drugs and/or possess weapons or other hazardous and/or sharp objects, access to the festival grounds will be denied or they will be removed from the premises. The police will also be notified.

Article 3: Alcohol 18+

Visitors under 18 years old are not allowed to purchase and/or consume alcohol at the Graveland Festival. Additionally, visitors aged 18 and older are not allowed to provide alcohol to visitors under 18 years old. Violation will result in removal from the premises.

At the request of Graveland Festival staff, security, or other authorized personnel, an ID must be presented to confirm the age.

18+ attendees receive a wristband, and alcohol will only be served to those with this wristband.

Article 4: Premises

  1. Commercial sound, photo, and/or film recordings or any other visual material for commercial purposes are not permitted on the festival grounds unless written permission has been obtained from the organization.
  2. Graveland Festival is authorized to take photos and videos for commercial purposes.
  3. The use of open fire is not allowed on the festival and camping grounds.
  4. Waste should be disposed of in the designated bins.
  5. After sunset, for safety reasons, entering the water on the festival grounds is not allowed.
  6. Threats, aggression, assault, and/or intimidation in the broadest sense of the word are strictly prohibited. If observed, access to the premises will be denied or the respective visitor will be removed from the premises. The police will also be notified.
  7. No form of racism or discrimination is tolerated at the Graveland Festival. Inciting clothing/offensive clothing is not allowed.
  8. The organization is not liable for material and/or immaterial damage to a visitor in any form.