Taxi – Public transport

Graveland does not have shuttle service available. The reason is that it was not used in the past which caused high costs and resulted in the abolition of the shuttle service. A Graveland cab was created for this purpose, and our Joop is responsible for it.

Taxis in Hoogeveen
The following taxis can transport you to and from the festival.

Taxi Graveland (our own taxiservice has limited availability).
Taxi Joop: 06 – 509 193 36

Taxi Ali: 06 – 394 309 93
(also group transport)
Taxi Tolk: 06 – 263 263 25
Taxi Zomer: 0593 – 200900

Please call in advance due to possible crowds.

Public Transportation

Are you arriving by train?
Check here for train schedules.

Bus Transportation
For schedules, check: Check

It’s a 15-minute walk from Hoogeveen station to the festival grounds.