Frequently asked question

Festival frequently asked questions

Terms and Conditions
Mandatory: By purchasing a ticket and entering the premises, you agree to abide by the house rules, Graveland general policy, and its privacy policy. You are buying a ticket for Graveland Festival. If, unfortunately, your favorite band cancels, it is regrettable but not a valid reason for ticket refunds.

Visiting the festival is at your own risk. Instructions from the staff and security must be followed at all times. Non-compliance may result in removal from the premises. Look out for your neighbors. Protect your ears. Have fun!

Read the complete terms and conditions here.

According to the law, you must be 18 years or older to drink alcohol. This means: everyone up to 25 years old must prove they are allowed to purchase alcohol. It’s not necessary every time, just once at the information desk. There, show your ID and receive a wristband. No wristband = no beer. Avoid debates at the bar and get a wristband if you’re under 25!

Disabled Visitors
We don’t have refrigeration facilities for medication. The terrain is entirely flat and wheelchair accessible. Accessible toilets for disabled individuals are available on the premises.

Prohibited Items
Obviously, but just to reiterate:

• No food/drink (unless for specific dietary/medication purposes with permission),
• No weapons, sharp objects,
• Children up to 14 years old only with supervision (ear protection!),
• No pets,
• No drugs.
• No professional photo/film/sound equipment without permission.
• Nothing can be sold without our permission.
• No climbing on structures,
• No fighting,
• No stealing,

In short: don’t be rude. If you are, you risk being expelled from the premises and may receive a bill for any potential damage. Distributing flyers is also prohibited.

Disabled Visitors:

The premises are perfectly accessible for disabled individuals.
We do not have refrigeration facilities for medication.
Press Requests
Do you want to attend our festival as a member of the press? That’s possible! Send us an email via our contact page, and we’ll check if there are any available spots. We receive many requests and may not be able to approve all of them.

Ticket Inquiries

Can I buy tickets at the door?
Yes, you can, as long as the festival is not sold out.
I’ve ordered tickets but haven’t received confirmation yet!

For technical ticket inquiries, contact the Stager helpdesk.
Is there a minimum age for visitors?

No, but we do advise that children under 14 years old are accompanied by an adult.
Can I return my purchased ticket(s) and get a refund?

No, purchased tickets cannot be returned; you’ll need to try selling them yourself.